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Ciarán has used his experience of 11 years in the fitness industry and 7 years as a Personal Trainer to develop a method that encompasses all things wellness. He has worked alongside top personal trainers in some of the busiest gyms across the UK and Ireland. As well as Personal Training, Ciarán is qualified as a Pilates Instructor, Resistance Training Specialist and Strength Trainer.

Over the course of more than 10 years, Ciarán has discovered the hugely beneficial aspects of using physical exercise alongside mindful practises. Ciarán is a keen meditator having undertaken the challenging 10 day Vipassana silent retreat. He frequently attends seminars & workshops, works with counsellors and attends Reiki sessions to continuously develop his understanding of the mind and the body. Ciarán’s constantly updates his knowledge and skills to ultimately make fitness more accessible, enjoyable and achievable to all people.

In his downtime Ciarán attends piano lessons, plays tennis, listens to music and has been known to binge-watch the Harry Potter box set.

In a class with Ciarán you will work on developing your technique and confidence. You can expect high energy, plenty of motivation, a bit of craic and the odd Liverpool reference.


Our Story

And Yours

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Why The Bodyful?

The Bodyful was started with the vision of building an online health and wellness community that is accessible, convenient, inclusive and progressive. Founder, Ciarán Foley, has over 10 years experience working within the fitness industry and has recognised that people need more flexibility when it comes to finding their happy, healthy place.

We see that people are more and more tied by time, money, distance & social constraints when it comes the traditional gym. The Bodyful allows you to take our classes from the comfort of your own home, your workplace or wherever you choose. We’re proud to have created a space that welcomes people with hugely varied fitness levels and fitness goals.

Our mindful approach to living and teaching is at the root of what we do. Our classes are casual and friendly to promote enjoyment in training.

Our Method

Body Focused, Mindful Approach


There are many reason why traditional gyms are not suited to everyone’s lifestyle, whether it's a lack of time, inconvenience of location or intimidating atmosphere. Life is changing, and we’ve adapted alongside it to bring health and fitness right to your home. Our online training method allows you to attend online personal training sessions and live virtual fitness classes from home or wherever you choose.

The Bodyful works with people of all lifestyles and abilities to rediscover the enjoyment of being active. Our online training is convenient and easily fits into your life. This is what makes our method more sustainable, leading to healthier lifestyle changes. For Life.

Join The Bodyful Community

As a Bodyful member, you get free access to a variety of on-demand workout classes, tasty recipe ideas and expert health and well-being advice. Our bespoke online method means you can message your trainer directly and instantly. Plus your personal trainer will work closely with you to help plan your goals and track your progress. The Bodyful brings together all aspects of your health, including your mental health, recovery, nutrition and lifestyle to help build sustainable healthy habits that last for life.

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